Don Morris – Senior Pastor


Karen Meeker – Director of Worship

Karen Meeker, our Director of Worship, has attended Vernon Baptist Church her entire life, and music has played a very important part. It was at a revival at VBC when Karen was eight years old that she asked Jesus into her heart. During a “pianist drought” at VBC, her mother decided that Karen needed piano lessons, and the rest – they say – is history. In 1990, Karen married Virgil Meeker and became Director of Worship at Vernon that same year. She began by leading worship, but she felt much more comfortable at the piano. She’s been there ever since. Karen is a graduate of Hanover College and is the elementary music teacher at South Decatur Elementary near Westport. She feels that church music and teaching are important ministries. She feels very lucky to attend VBC with her family (immediate and extended) with most family activities centered around the activities of the church. Virgil and Karen, along with their two children, Paige and Hudson, live in Vernon.


Beth Morris – Administrative Assistant 


Tamara Lawson – Treasure